Scaffolding Services in Guildford | Domestic & Commercial Designs


In our role as your chosen scaffolding contractors, we offer a complete range of scaffolding designs to suit the demands of your Guildford-based project. Whether domestic or commercial scaffolding services, our team of scaffolding erectors undertakes the required site inspections and risk assessments to determine which type of scaffolding needs to be assembled at your site. Unlike some scaffolding companies, Secure Access Scaffolding has no height restrictions on the support structures we can assemble, so we take on work of any kind.


As time-served scaffolding contractors, we recognise the importance of working in close conjunction with our clients in the Guildford area. As such, below, we have outlined some of the more common designs used in our scaffolding services.


The Most Common Scaffold Designs


1. Mobile Scaffolding


Any kind of scaffolding structure consists of elevated platforms on which a range of tasks on large structures, like tall buildings and monuments, can be carried out. For projects in Guildford that involve multiple working points, mobile scaffolding assembled by experienced scaffolding erectors ticks every box.


Stationary alternatives do exist, but when used for multi-point projects, they require the dismantling and rebuilding of platforms. As long as the mobile scaffold is constructed and inspected by reputable scaffolding contractors, it can be moved to various points of a site with the absolute minimum inconvenience. This makes mobile scaffolding ideal for projects such as washing high-rise windows and exterior painting work.


2. Suspended Scaffolding


In our position as one of the Guildford area’s premier scaffolding companies, we also specialise in suspended scaffolding services. The platforms involved in the support structure need to be supported in some way; when it comes to suspended scaffolding, that support comes from above rather than below. As a team of scaffolding erectors, we use supportive cables to hang scaffolding from overhead structures such as a roof or the top of a monument.


As vastly-experienced scaffolding contractors, we utilise this design for jobs at height where the assembling of scaffolding from the ground up may not be practical. Furthermore, suspended structures can also be used if the ground at a site in Guildford lacks the integrity to support the required scaffolding. Any final decision on the choice of design is made after comprehensive site inspections and risk assessments carried out by our scaffolding erectors and the site manager.


3. Supported Scaffolding


Often the go-to choice for the majority of jobs undertaken by scaffolding companies, supported scaffolding remains a popular choice in the construction industry. Assembled from the ground up by our scaffolding erectors, this design has an outstanding record for safety and efficiency.


Like any reputable scaffolding contractors, we provide supported scaffolding in a variety of bespoke designs to perfectly suit the dimensions of the Guildford property at hand and the nature of the work being undertaken. To discuss options for your own supported scaffolding structure, please contact us.


To see what sets us apart from other scaffolding companies in the Guildford area, please visit the gallery page and view the range of scaffolding services we undertake.

If you require more information about the domestic and commercial services we provide as scaffolding contractors in Guildford, call 020 8664 9469 or 07956 917 329.